Lubbock SCI

Lubbock SCI


SCI Lubbock is dedicated to protecting the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation here in Texas and around the world.

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A recognized partner of Safari Club International (SCI), the Lubbock Chapter of SCI is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers who believe that science-based wildlife conservation is the only way to protect and grow healthy animals that live in the wild places we all hold dear.

Carefully managed hunting, as described in the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, is a key component of what we support as it has proven to be the most effective management tool available in modern times.

The majority of the funds raised by the chapter are used to support mission-related programs and projects right here in Texas.  The other portion of the proceeds is donated to SCI's worldwide hunter advocacy efforts.

While all of this sounds like serious work, we still manage to have fun in the process.  We love getting together at chapter meetings to share stories and spend time with our fellow hunters.  And you don't want to miss our annual banquet; its a great way to spend an evening with like-minded individuals while supporting hunting and conservation.

What We Do-Projects


Wounded Vet Hunt

We were honored to be able to take a wounded veteran from Lubbock on a turkey hunt in the spring of 2017.  We will be posting that story and our plans for future hunts very soon.

SCIF Blue Bag Program

Many of our members participate in the SCI Foundation's Blue Bag program when they travel abroad.  While anti-hunters protest with their emotions from the sidelines, hunters are out there supporting the people in the communities that make a positive difference for wildlife and their habitat.

SCIF American Wilderness Leadership School

Our members are also glad to support the SCI Foundation's American Wilderness School (AWLS).  Nestled in the beautiful Bridger-Teton National Forest near Jackson, Wyoming, the American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) provides the perfect atmosphere for educational programs. Established in 1976 with the vision of providing educators with a useful hands-on experience that they can bring home to their classrooms, AWLS has provided an accredited conservation education program for more than 6,000 teachers who reach more than a million students annually and a challenging experience for more than 1,700 high school students.

To see more, please visit our Projects page.